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Your Customers Are Outside, Bring Your Message to Them

custom canopies

With summer, comes vacations, outdoor activities, and open-air events. Since your customers are outside, shouldn’t your message be as well? There are many ways to reach your prospective clients while they are enjoying the fresh air. One very common and effective way of keeping your name in front of clients is by utilizing feather, or teardrop tension fabric displays. These displays range from 8’ to almost 20’ high! They are designed to bend and spin in the wind providing motion to attract attention to your message. Another great solution for outdoor displays is printed tents and canopies. These displays provide great visible exposure and provide a protected area for displays and products.

There are many other ways to bring your message outdoors. For more organized and formal events, there are retractable banners designed specifically for outdoor use. There are other flag solutions available such as, portable billboards, A-frames, and many others. In addition to displays, some solutions include conventional outdoor banners, mesh material for adorning fences, and perforated window clings that transform your windows into clearly viewable billboards for your customers while still allowing you to see outside.

For more ideas you may call us or visit the outdoor display section of our Website.

Affordable, Lightweight, & Stylish

tensions fabric displaysThese words describe the Tension Fabric Display options available. Tension Fabric Displays are “pop-up” style displays that us a dye-sublimation printed fabric as opposed to conventional show panels. Although they use the same frame style as conventional pop-ups, the Tension Fabric Displays offer many benefits over standard pop-ups.

The Tension Fabric Pop-ups are incredibly easy and fast to set-up. The fabric graphics ship attached to the frame, so set-up is as easy as expanding the frame and takes less than one minute!

Compared to conventional pop-up back walls that weigh close to 100 lbs for the frame, case, graphics, and hardware, a 10’ Tension Fabric Display weighs only 35 lbs, reducing shipping costs and making local transportation much easier.

In addition to the reduction in shipping costs, the Tension Fabric Displays cost less than most mid to high-end pop-up displays.

The Tension Fabric Displays come in a wide variety of sizes from Tabletop Displays to 20’ back walls, and most sizes offer straight or curved styles.

For more information on the Tension Fabric or other trade show solutions, call the Imagination Center, and we can help find the right solution for you!

Save Your Feet While Increasing Your Branding

interlocking padded flooring

You have your back wall, retractable banners, table throws, and all the other accessories to help project your image. There is another way to increase your branding that will also make your trade show experience more comfortable.

Interlocking padded flooring provides exceptional comfort for show exhibitors while also enhancing and providing additional branding to the exhibit booth.

This flooring can take on a variety of looks including carpet, rubber, a wood look, or have your logo or message printed directly on the flooring. In addition to adding impact to your booth, it also is cost effective. In scenarios where you exhibit in many shows, the interlocking flooring saves you from renting carpet from the exhibit hall. Since the floor is comprised of several 2’ x 2’ interlocking pieces, if a portion of the floor becomes damaged or worn, you can replace just that one section without having to replace the entire floor.

There are many options and features for the various padded flooring options. For pricing and information on how padded flooring will add more punch to your booth, please call us at 301.695.0086. We will be happy to help.


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