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Pillow Case Style Displays Provide
Professionalism at a Great Price!

Pilliw case style displaysPillow Case Style Displays offer the same professional appearance as a stretch fabric popup display at a fraction of the cost. Pillow Case displays can be horizontal concave, vertical concave or serpentine.

They also come in tabletop as well as floor units and may be one sided or two sided. The frame is assembled in a matter of minutes and the graphics slide over the frame in a similar manner as a pillow case. Graphics are printed via dye-sublimation, providing exceptional image quality.

The pillow case displays are among the most cost effective solutions available. The cost for an 8 curved back wall including frame, graphics, and case, is under $1,000. A 20 Serpentine with front printed graphics is under $2,000. Click Here for more information on Pillow Case Displays or contact us at 301.695.0086.

Collage 3D Pop-up

Pop-Up CollageCollage Pop-ups are a clever spin on traditional Pop-ups. The Collage uses stretched fabric flags to create exciting 3D displays. Several different sized flags can be used in concert and in varying orientations to create unique displays with impact. Since the display is made using a series of flags, individual flags can be replaced, allowing you to update content without having to replace all of the graphics.

The multi-level design not only allows your display to have a depth not achievable with other displays, but also can incorporate shelves for product placement or for literature. The Collage comes in a wide variety of configurations for tabletop and floor applications. These designs range from rectangular, to square shapes, to nonconventional shapes like triangles and X shapes.

Ultimate Versatility & Expandability - ISO Wave

Stretch displays on steroids! The conventional Stretch Fabric displays have more impact now than ever for stage back-walls, step and repeats and larger show booths. These displays provide much more punch for the dollar than extruded aluminum fabric displays and greatly reduce or eliminate I & D costs at shows.

ISO Wave Mark Bric2013 brought many interesting and unique displays to the trade show industry. The most revolutionary was the ISO Wave from Mark Bric. This solution combines the versatility and expandability of an entry modular system with the price point of a conventional pop-up solution.
The ISO Wave is constructed from a series of 31.5” wide rollable panels. It can be as small as a single panel width or could be used to construct a 30’ back wall. The ISO Waves revolutionary design allows the display to take virtually any shape including a straight back wall, a concave or convex display, a serpentine, or any other shape you can imagine. Shelves, monitors, and tables can also be incorporated into the unit.

A 10’ ISO Wave display takes about 15 minutes to erect, and the 20’ configuration with monitor and table takes less than 1/2 hour. No tools or special training is required so in most shows, it can be assembled without the need to hire an I & D crew. A 20’ unit packs down into a flat case 10” x 20” x 48” and the graphics are transported in a 15” diameter x 40” tall rolling case. The cost for the ISO Wave is between $3,000 - $4,000 including graphics printing for a 10’ display. Click Here for more information on the ISO or contact us at 301.695.0086.

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