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Won't You Be Our Neighbor

565 East Church StreetTired of the downtown parking issues, traffic, and meter maids? Suite A of the Imagination Center building at 565 East Church is available for rent! Just blocks from downtown and is convenient to get to from route 26 via Monocacy Blvd and easy from I-70 or 270 via East Street. The unit comes with ample free parking as well.

The 1,000 square feet of office space is in the brick house portion of our building. It includes two offices and a conference room on the first floor and has room for office or storage on the second floor.

Just click on the image for a larger view.

If you have an interest or know of anyone who may be interested in this space, please contact Jonathan Warner at 301.663.0202, or call Doug or Mark at 301.695.0086

Versatility with the Ease of a Pillowcase Display

Formulate Pillowcase DisplaysBecause of their lightweight nature and vibrant graphics, pillowcase displays are gaining in popularity. The Formulate display allows customers to add accessories, providing additional horsepower to their branding and message. The optional ladder system attached to the front of the display allows accessories such as monitors, shelves or literature racks to be easily incorporated into the display. Another option for the ladder is a solid graphics, allowing the backwall graphic to remain the same but smaller graphics may be printed for various venues to target your message.

Call Doug for more information on these and other displays at 301.695.0086

Turn Your Canopy into a Billboard

Custom Canonpy Add branding to your outdoor event by printing graphics onto your canopy! By customizing your canopy, you can display a marketing message as well as increase visibility to your display or station. We offer a variety of canopy and tent options such as standard canopies, canopies with sides, or dome tents. Feather and tear drop flags will add additional punch to your outdoor exhibit!

Canopies are now more affordable than ever. A 10’ x 10’ canopy with full printed summit and valance including hardware is $ 1,300.00. Optional side and back walls are also available.

Call Doug for more information on canopy and outdoor exhibit options at 301.695.0086.

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