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Finally, Rotating Towers!

Spire RT DisplayAfter long last, we have finally found a reliable rotating display. We are proud to introduce the Spire RT display. The Spire RT is a four sided rotating tower. Each face of the tower is 3’ wide and the unit stands an impressive 7’ tall! The graphics are printed on dye-sublimation fabric. The graphic wrap around the aluminum frame and zips up the frame on one corner. The graphics are attached to the frame and the turntable base. The unit can come in either the standard model or a backlit model. Custom sizes and dimensions are available as well. The standard 3’ x 7’ Spire RT is $ 3,989.00 per unit and include frame, graphics, carrying case, and cardboard shipper. The backlit model is $ 5,869.00.

For more information or for pricing on custom sizes, contact Doug at 301.695.0086

Case Study - Bechtel’s 20’ x 20’ Booth Dilemma

custom trade show solutionsAshley Merriman and John Connors were looking for a new way to exhibit in the 20’ x 20’ space Bechtel occupies at trade shows. Their current modular solutions were too cumbersome to ship and set-up. They were looking for a solution that could be set up in a timely manner by one person, created an open, comfortable atmosphere, and still have enough branding to allow attendees to easily find the Bechtel’s space.

After reviewing countless options, Ashley determined that putting triangle towers in each corner of the space, a large branded counter in the front, and two smaller counters strategically placed, would give her the open feeling and sufficient branding she was looking for. Utilizing the towers and counters allowed space for a conference table to allow business to be conducted and adding comfortable leather chairs provided a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. Another obstacle was the lead time. From initial discussions, there was less than a month from that point until the show date. After the dimensions of the towers was determined and the counter models were selected, John had three days to design, and the graphics were produced within 7 business days of the release of the files.

With a little thinking outside of the box, the folks at Bechtel were able to work with Imagination Center to come up with a solution that met their needs and helped cut their shipping and I & D costs.

To find out more about how Imagination Center can help you with your trade show solution, contact Doug at 301.695.0086.

Three Steps to Start Improving Customer Retention

by Tobin Lehman, New North

Want to increase your bottom line? Focus on customer retention. Some experts say it costs almost five times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. As the only digital agency focused on customer retention, we understand the challenges that affect many of our customers. There are so many priorities with marketing that retention simply does not get the attention it deserves.

First, create a budget for retention.

We often look at retention as a segment of our marketing dollars, or a small part of a larger marketing plan. Retention as a part of marketing efforts can go a long way, but it should not be limited to emails and offers. Having a budget for retention, which could range from 20-30% of your total marketing budget can broaden the scope of resources available for your retention efforts. Once the budget is set, the challenge changes from picking the "silver bullet" for customer retention to finding how many solutions you can include in that budget to meet your retention needs.

Second, read your feedback.

If you don't currently keep detailed customer data records or any feedback on your customers' experience, now is the time to start. Collecting customer purchase history, demographic information, etc., helps determine what kinds of outreach need to be accomplished in your retention efforts. Nothing can replace your knowledge and understanding of your customers' relationship with your product and service. Building quantitative measures like Web stats and metrics, as well as qualitative measures such as surveys and interviews gives you a more complete picture of your customers and their needs.

Third, identify your best customer.

Knowing your best customer will help you understand when and why you are retaining customers. Retention is not a 100% target. It's about keeping the customers that keep you growing. Keeping the customer that you make no money from is going to be a huge waste of energy for you and your company. Nurture your best customer, and grow your other customers to follow the same path and habits of your best customer. This is the ideology behind a retention program. You have the responsibility and opportunity to nurture and grow your customers once they have purchased their first product, and there is no better indication of "how" then with using your best customer as a benchmark.

Getting Moving.

Today is the day to start making room for your customer retention programs. Maybe you have the ideas, but need help executing them? That is where New North can really help you get the most out of your marketing dollars. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Tobin Lehman is the president of New North, the only digital agency for customer retention. More on New North and their services can be found at

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