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Why Exhibit in Trade Shows

trade show floorIn the era of tough financial times and with so many advertising venues, a very reasonable question is “Why should we exhibit in trade shows?”

Trade shows offer many advantages compared to other forms of advertising.

Trade shows can be very targeted. Unlike print, TV, or radio advertising where your message is generally broadcast to the general public, a trade show allows you to exhibit in an environment geared to your ideal prospects. If you are a printing company, and you create a radio ad, it may reach tens of thousands of people, but maybe only 5% of those reached are print buyers. If you attend a trade show that is geared to print buyers, you may only have exposure to 1000 people, but every one of those thousand is a potential customer.

You can provide much more information to prospects and gather new leads.

With a print or radio ad, you can get your name and a general overview of your services to the public, but they will not know the breadth of your services. Also, if a prospect sees your ad, but does not call, you are no better off than if you did not place the ad at all. With trade shows, your customer sees your entire product line and can get a much better understanding of your businesses capabilities. Additionally, when they enter your booth, you can obtain all of their information and use their information to cultivate them into a new account.

Cost per sale is lower than other forms of advertising

According to Trade Show Week Magazine, the average cost per sale where trade shows were not involved is about $ 1,250.00. This factors in the amount of time sales reps require to contact enough companies to produce that one new client. The cost per sale at trade shows is roughly 33% of that, making trade shows a cost effective way to generate new sales and garner new clients.

Finding the Right Trade Show

trade show calendarsSometime finding the right show to exhibit is can be just as hard as actually exhibiting.

There are two sites that can help find shows that are available for specific industries or in certain geographic areas. These sites are the tradeshow calendar and Both of these sites allow users to select specific industries to search for the right show to attend or exhibit in. Imagination Center has the tradeshow calendar in¬formation embedded on the site to make it easier for customers. Customers can access trade show information through our online tradeshow calendar or they can go to the site for trade show information.

There are links to the shows directly through the site, so customers can get more information on the shows, find out profiles for attendees, and even get the list of exhibitors. This is a great way to determine if the show is right for you and see if your competition is going to be there.

When it comes time for the show, remember your good friends at Imagination Center, and we will help you shine at the show!

Modular Rental Solutions and Services for Las Vegas and Orlando

Trade shows in Las Vegas and OrlandoAs we expand our modular display options for larger venue events, we have done a fair amount of research to find solutions that will best assist our clients. In speaking with lager exhibitors, modular manufacturers, and even large exhibit houses and competitors, we have come to some very unexpected conclusions.

First, for large venue displays, more and more companies have changed their display philosophy from purchas¬ing and shipping large displays, to renting the displays. The reason for this has many factors that tie together. All the factors are based on the cost of exhibiting. Purchasing a large modular display is very expensive (to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars). As expensive as the display cost is, an equal component to the cost is all the ancillary expenses such as shipping, storage when not in use, etc.

To help customers exhibit in a more cost effective manner, we started warehousing large modular systems in some of the big exhibit cities like Orlando and Las Vegas. If a customer needs a large exhibit in one of those cities, they can send a rendering of the exhibit they envision or send a sketch of what they would like the exhibit to resemble. From there, we will create a new rendering showing the exhibit and prepare a price quote for rent¬ing. Once the exhibit design is approved, we can send the template for the graphics to the design agency for the graphic design, and then we can print the graphics and have everything ready for the big show. Rental cost is approximately 1/3rd of the purchase price for the hardware, and the cost of shipping and storage is all but elimi¬nated for displays for Orlando and Las Vegas. We will be adding new cities throughout the course of the year, focusing on the cities with the biggest convention demands.

The second item we discovered in our research is the design and purchase of the displays and graphics is the least of the customers headaches when displaying in large venues. A much larger headache for customers is all the logistics in getting the display to the show floor in time to assemble, getting all the components together such as carpet, electrical, the assembly, and much, much more.

To reduce the amount of stress with all the logistical headaches, we have partnered with the best exhibit houses in those cities to help facilitate transforming a bunch of crates on a dock to the exhibit that will act as the life blood for your company or client. Once the exhibit design is finalized, and the graphics are produced, we will coordinate with the exhibit house the shipping from the local warehouse to the convention center, and coordi¬nate the logistical concerns of drayage, I & D, electrical, and all other components. The day of set-up, Imagina¬tion Center will arrive on the convention floor to coordinate and supervise the installers. We will meet with the client prior to set-up and meet with the client after installation is complete.

Through Imagination Center’s rental offering, our goal is to reduce cost and drastically reduce the stress associ¬ate with larger venue exhibits.

For more information on this service and other product information, contact Doug Angell at 301.695.0086

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