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New Resouces on Our Website

demo videos With the help from our friends at Digital Bard Video. Web. Marketing., we have placed new resources on our website to help visitors with display information. The new information that can be easily accessed from our site are as follows:

Booth Video Demonstrations - Video demos of conventional pop-up displays, collage displays, and stretch fabric displays are now located on our website. These videos allow exhibitors to see the actual set-up of the displays as well as a list of pros and cons for each style. This is a valuable resource for those who need a display but are unfamiliar with the most common options out there.

Information on Modular and Extruded Aluminum Displays - There is more comprehensive information on Delta Matrix and Delta Fabric modular displays, as well as information on Extruded Aluminum displays. This information will give you a good understanding of the how modular displays can be used to achieve specific display goals and the benefits to these styles of displays.

As always, if you questions concerning any of the displays we offer or need help planning for the next show, call us and we will be happy to help!

Worry Free Exhibiting

Worry Free Exhibiting trade show servicesEffective January 1st, 2012, Imagination Center will be offering Worry Free trade show services. These services are designed to make trade shows as hassle free as possible. Through this new array of offerings, we can make trade show exhibiting as seamless as possible.

Storage Services - Imagination Center can store your display in our Frederick facility or in partner facilities in some of the larger trade show cities. Instead of our clients having to keep track of their displays, we can store them safely for the client reducing their internal storage and logistical demands of keeping tabs of their displays.

Display Maintenance - We all know what the end of the show is like. Everyone is anxious to get the heck out of Dodge, and have the tendency to pack their display quickly as opposed to carefully. To help avoid unnecessary damage caused by graphics and displays stored inappropriately and to avoid last minute stress of replacing damaged graphics, Imagination Center now offers display inspection and maintenance services. You may have your display shipped directly to the Imagination Center after your next show. Imagination Center will unpack and set-up your display. We will inspect for any damage and prepare a report of the status of your display. We will notify the client if everything is good or if any repairs need to be made. Once any deficiencies in the dis­play are corrected, we will carefully pack the display and ensure that it is ready for the next show.

Show Shipping - Through strategic partnerships with trade show shipping companies, we have obtained ex­tremely competitive shipping rates to show venues. Typically, the pricing we offer is 30% to 40% less expensive than using the show decorator for the shipping. We will handle all requirements including providing the show decorator with appropriate documentation and a Bill of Lading. Whether your display is an 8’ pop-up or a 30’ x 30’ island display, we can make sure your display gets to the show reliably and affordably.

Display Set-up - Whether it is setting up your pop-up for a local show or setting up your custom or modular display in some of the larger show cities, we can help facilitate your I & D needs. We can work with the show decorator to assist in filling out the required exhibitor documentation. For larger displays, we can meet with the client to address their concerns prior to assembling their display. One of the I & D crews will work under supervision to make sure the display is set-up correctly while the client tends to other show matters or just relaxes before the big show. Once the show is complete, we can come back in, dismantle the display, and pack everything appropriately. Once everything is packed, we can ship to the client, ship to the next show, or ship for storage.

We know that the display is a small portion of exhibiting. Imagination Center is now offering a range of ser­vices to cover all of the ancillary needs of the exhibiting as well!

Extruded Aluminum Displays

extruded aluminum displays Pop-up style displays are great for smaller exhibitors, but some clients are looking for a more unique solution but are not ready to move to the larger custom or modular exhibits. For clients who are looking for a more distinctive look, Imagination Center offers Extruded Aluminum displays. These displays are ideal for 10’ or 20’ back wall solutions. Extruded Aluminum displays add an elegance not possible to achieve in pop-up style dis­plays, and provide additional versatility. Shelves and monitors are easily incorporated into the display and looks much more substantial than pop-ups. Additionally, either fabric graphics or direct printed graphics may be incorporated into the display. The improved impact of the display does come at a price. Extruded Aluminum displays cost about 50% more than pop-up displays with graphics, and installation does take significantly lon­ger. Some clients with Extruded Aluminum displays prefer to have I & D crews handle installation as opposed to handling the set-up themselves.

For those who would prefer having the display professionally assembled, please contact us for an I & D estimate to be used in your trade show budget. If you feel you are ready to move to an extruded aluminum display or if you would like more information of these types of displays, either con­tact Doug at 301.695.0086 or visit the extruded aluminum page of our web-site.

If you have information that others may find useful, whether it be information on a new design program, current underutilized tools, or marketing advice, please feel free to write an article and submit it to the Imagination Center Newsletter.

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