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The Truly Revolutionary ISOFrame Wave Display

Very rarely does a display hit the market that is so different than any other solution that it is in a class by itself. Our friends at MarkBric have come up with such a product. The ISO frame wave uses a revolutionary wave link system. This wave link system allows the display to be curved to take on virtually any shape.


The graphics are all the same size regardless of the shape you create. All the graphics panels butt up to one another to create a seamless look. With the ISO frame, you can create a 20’ back wall display, and simply by moving the base you can change it from a straight back wall to a serpentine, or an oval, or any other shape you can think of. This versatility could allow you to use the same display in a 10’ booth or a 20’ booth.


All though the Wave is much more versatile and robust than a high quality conventional pop-up, the cost per square foot for the display and graphics is very comparable. The cost for a 10’ wave display with graphics is about $ 3,750.00, and the cost for an 18.5’ display with graphics is about $ 7,500 including graphics.

No tools are required to assemble the ISOFrame wave and it can easily be set-up without hiring an I & D crew.

For more information about this and other booth solutions, contact Doug at 301.676.0086

Just Imagine!

Lenticular ImagingImagine display graphics that give the appearance of incredible depth and motion. For our friends at AOPA, it could be a plane with the props spinning and clouds moving in the background. It could be a display for a water purifier company where it looks like water streaming down the edges of the display. Through a new application of an old technology, lenticular imaging now has large format applications. Within the next few months, Imagination Center will be performing R & D to bring this service to Frederick. Lenticular imaging is the type of printing that was used for the little toy in Cracker Jacks or is used for the images where the message changes when the viewing angle changes.

The display possibilities are limitless and lenticular imaging is a way to ensure your booth or message will get the attention of attendees and those passing by.

Once the R & D is complete, we will notify you that we have that capability and put pricing on the web-site.

If you have other questions regarding lenticular imaging or other print capabilities you would like to discuss, call Doug or Mark at 301.695.0086

Formulate Large Displays

Formulate Hanging DisplaysLooking for that extra little attention getter for your trade show booth or large common area? Consider the quick locking Formulate hanging displays. These structures can be created for virtually any size to compliment or complete your modular trade show display or can be used in large common areas to draw attention or convey a message. Formulate Displays has 6 shapes to choose from and with infinite design possibilities, hanging structures are the quickest, easiest, and best looking way to set you apart.

These displays use dye-sublimation graphics and slide over the frame like a pillow case. Nine foot triangular, shield shaped, or square hanging display costs from $ 2,000 - $ 4,000 including dye-sublimation graphics.

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