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Stretch Fabric on Steroids!

Strech displays on steroids!The conventional Stretch Fabric displays have more impact now than ever for stage back-walls, step and repeats and larger show booths. These displays provide much more punch for the dollar than extruded aluminum fabric displays and greatly reduce or eliminate I & D costs at shows.

Everyone is familiar with pop-up style stretch fabric displays for smaller trade show booths. Clients have adapted this popular solution to be used for larger displays.  17’ wide x 8’ tall stretch fabric back walls have been used for the UMUC commencement ceremony and as a stage backdrop for Nickelodeon. Large 20’ x 10’ stretch fabric back-walls have been used for Greenbiz and other companies for stage backdrops as well. Stretch fabric displays at the sizes mentioned above range from $ 3,500 - $ 5,000 including the frame and graphics. The setup takes about 15 minutes and have a total weight of about 50 - 70 lbs.

The fabric produces stunning graphics but creates no glare, making it ideal for scenarios where photography or video recording is likely.

For more information on these and other display solutions, contact Doug at 301.695.0086

Price Reduction for Outdoor Feather Flags

Outdoor Flag stylesThe cost for feather and teardrop flags through Imagination Center have been greatly reduced. Previously, a 3 meter feather flag with ground spike was $ 333.00. The new cost is $ 176.00! In addition to the new pricing, we now offer 2 sided flags and a 20’ tall flag.

These flags offer reinforced pockets for greater durability. Because of a reduction in cost in fabric printing, flag displays and printed canopies are at a price where they are affordable to everyone.

F or pricing on more information on flags or other outdoor displays, call 301.695.0086 or go to our Outdoor Displays page.

Reach New Heights with a 10 tall BannerUp!

10' BannerUp by Marc BricThe BannerUp is the most durable and well constructed retractable banner stand available on the market. Their ability to hold up well to heavy shipping and their ability to easily swap graphics have made them the go to banner stand for the professional presenter and exhibitor. The BannerUp Plus typically comes in heights up to 83” tall, but now the BannerUp Plus Big offers a 10’ tall model.

As an introductory incentive, we are now offering the 5’ wide BannerUp Plus Big at 20 % off. Typically this unit with graphics retails for $ 1,220.00, but is now available through the month of May for $ 970.00, a $ 250.00 savings.

For more information on the BannerUp big or other display solutions, call us at 301.695.0086.

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