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Imagination Center Summer Seminars

attendees at the Imagination Center seminarsImagination Center will be hosting its summer seminar series on June 7th at 565 East Church Street, Frederick, MD. These seminars are designed to provide exhibitors and their supporters with the tools necessary to create a powerful display and run a successful show. These seminars cover a plethora of topics from display options, information on modular displays, shipping and I & D options, and much more!

Those signed up for both the 11:15 and 1:00 seminars will be treated to a catered lunch.

There will be many guest speakers including:

  • Emily Dorr hosting the “QR Codes” seminar
  • Whitney Hahn discussing the impact of video in the “Adding Punch to Your Exhibit” seminar
  • Paul Rosenburg hosting the “Going Grande” seminar
  • Jim Bothel hosting the “Getting the Display to the Show” seminar

Seating is limited and will be provided on a first come, first serve basis, so call now to reserve your seat. Sign up for as many seminars as you are interested in attending. Reservations can be made with Doug Angell at 301.695.0086 or via e-mail at Below is a list of the seminars offered.

9:15 - 10:15 - Making the Show a Success!

  • Setting Goals
  • Setting a budget
  • Promoting your booth at the show
  • Choosing the right display
  • Displaying the right message
  • Transportation & I & D
  • Converting visits to sales

10:30 - 11:00 - QR Codes

  • Understanding QR Codes
  • How QR Codes convert signage and booth visits to web traffic
  • How to create a QR code

11:15 - 12:00 - Display Options for 10’ x 10’ Booths and Smaller

  • Banner Stand Options
  • Tabletop Displays
  • Booth Backwall Options
    • Conventional Pop-Up Displays
    • Stretch Fabric Displays
    • Collage Displays

1:00 - 1:40 - Adding Punch to Your Exhibit

  • Adding backlight to your display
  • Video and Dynamic Content
  • Towers and motion displays
  • Table throws
  • Literature Racks
  • Flooring

2:00 - 3:00 - Going Grande - For 10’ x 20’ Displays and Larger

  • Modular solutions and capabilities

3:15 - 3:45 - Getting the Display to the Big Show

  • Effective and economical ways get big and small displays to the show

4:00 - 4:45 - Installation and Dismantling (I & D)

  • The pitfalls of I & D and how to avoid them
  • Delegating Transport and I & D issues so you can focus on the show

Avemco Modular Display Case Study!

concept of the Avemco Booth Terry Kazmarsky and our friends at Avemco were looking at options for a 10’ x 20’ booth to replace an existing custom 10’ x 20’ display. The folks at Avemco came up with a couple of
sketches for their new conceptual design.

Client Needs:
Avemco had a custom display for their 20’ x 10’ booths. The client was looking for a new look and wanted a system that was more inviting to prospects and that overcame the following obstacles posed by their existing display:

  • Looking for a new clean and attractive appearance for the 10’ x 20’ exhibits.
  • Wanted to reduce shipping costs. Their custom display required 2 full crates to ship their display (typical shipping cost - $3,600.00 each way).
  • Reduce Drayage by reducing the weight of the crates.
  • Existing system took three to four people four to six hours to assemble. Client wanted to reduce I & D expense.
  • In addition to the 20’ x 10’ booth, they also exhibit in 10’ x 10’ booths. They were looking for a system that could be reconfigured for use in a smaller booth.

Delta Matrix system from Laarhoven
Cost $ 22,500.00

Avemco BoothThe Delta Matrix system provided the client with a great new look. It incorporated a 20’ curved backwall, a full walk-in storage closet, curved header, and a counter cabinet. Extruded Aluminum frames with Sintra graphic infills allows the unit to be lightweight easy to set-up. The entire display fit into one full size crate and one half crate. Total display weight was 60% the weight of the existing display.

The Delta Matrix system is much easier to set-up than their old custom display. The Delta Matrix system takes two people one hour to unpack and set-up. The installation process is tool-less, allowing Avemco to set the display up themselves in most venues, or they can hire an I & D crew for a fraction of the cost of their old system.

Due to lower shipping costs, I & D costs, lower drayage costs, and much more, Avemco was able to save $ 9,400.00 in logistical costs at Sun-N-Fun alone! Because the Delta Matrix system is modular, it can be reconfigured to fit in a 10’ x 20’ booth, as well as be reconfigured to create a new look with little or no additional hardware costs.

To find out how modular displays can pay for themselves in a short period time and give a substantial return on investment, call Doug at 301.695.0086 for more info or attend the modular seminar on June 7th!

Your Customers Are Outside, Bring Your Message to Them!

outdoor displaysWith summer, comes vacations, outdoor activities, and open-air events. Since your customers are outside, shouldn’t your message be as well? There are many ways to reach your prospective clients while they are enjoying the fresh air. One very common and effective way of keeping your name in front of clients is by utilizing feather, or teardrop tension fabric displays. These displays range from 8’ to almost 20’ high! They are designed to bend and spin in the wind providing motion to attract attention to your message. Another great solution for outdoor displays is printed tents and canopies. These displays provide great visible exposure and provide a protected area for displays and products.

There are many other ways to bring your message outdoors. For more organized and formal events, there are retractable banners designed specifically for outdoor use. There are other flag solutions available such as, portable billboards, A-frames, and many others. In addition to displays, some solutions include conventional outdoor banners, mesh material for adorning fences, and perforated window clings that transform your windows into clearly viewable billboards for your customers while still allowing you to see outside.

For more ideas you may call us or visit the outdoor display section of our Website.

If you have information that others may find useful, whether it be information on a new design program, current underutilized tools, or marketing advice, please feel free to write an article and submit it to the Imagination Center Newsletter.

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