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Video Marketing for the Trade Show, the Internet and Beyond!

It used to be that creating videos for marketing meant one of two things: television advertising, or direct marketing by providing tapes (and later, DVDs) directly to the customer. Now there are a plethora of environments where videos may be used to drive business and revenue, and the same video can be beneficial in many different uses.

In January’s article, “Trade Show - Incredible Investment or Hideous Expense,” we outlined that exhibiting in a trade show by itself is worthless. But with the right display and message, the trade show experience transforms from worthless to incredibly valuable. The same holds true with videos. Videos that are too long, too short, poorly created, or just plain miss the mark can leave a bad impression on prospects; and no impression is better than a bad one.

Whitney Hahn from Digital Bard Video. Web. Marketing. contributed a two part article to help businesses navigate through the issue of videos. Part one of Whitney’s article “Adding Video to Your Website (for fun and profit)” addresses the themes and strategies for video marketing. Part two of her article tells how ambitious business owners can make videos themselves to post online.

Imagination Center Now Offering Trade Show Shipping

Portrait of Jim BothwellYou’ve spent weeks planning your sales strategy. You have a dynamic booth to showcase your products and services. You have your show reps charged like a horse in the gate at the Kentucky Derby. It’s time to see your efforts pay off...and now you have to use your remaining energy to figure out how to get you materials to and from the show safely and on time.

Trade shows, love ‘em or hate ‘em, play a major role in the profit column of small and large businesses. What you desire from a tradeshow is more sales, not the headaches that come from shipping details. For this reason, The Imagination Center is now offering a show transportation and storage service that will allow you to focus on profits instead of problems.

We know that trade shows are very different from day to day freight shipping. For this reason, The Imagination Center has brought on the tradeshow shipping experience of Jim Bothell for the benefit of our clients. Jim has worked for one of the nation’s largest trade show carriers and also as an independent consultant.

There will always be someone who will offer to ship your goods for a little less. Price without performance will cost a client much more than a 4 or 5% savings from a cut-rate provider. I have heard of attendees standing in their show space with no booth around them because it did not arrive. What did that cost? While I cannot personally drive each shipment to the show, I utilize multiple safety checks throughout the process so all that is within my control adds up to an on time delivery,” Jim noted.

Whether you are a trade show veteran, familiar with the language and details of trade shows, or are brand new to the experience, our newest service will provide you with the performance you expect at a price that is right. With Jim’s experience and our dedication to providing quality service to our customers, The Imagination Center can offer hassle-free shipping to and from your show and storage of your booth until the next.

Whether the customer is going to a small hotel show or one in Vegas, we can provide the full transportation service. The client will receive consultation on shipping options. They will receive the paperwork needed going into a show or advance warehouse. Also included is the information required in order to return from the show for the price quoted. I want to help clients avoid the extra charges that appear when mistakes in paperwork occur. I will also provide full visibility during transit to be sure their booth arrives on time,” says Jim.

To contact Jim regarding shipping to your next show, e-mail him at

Frederick Loses a Great Designer and Friend

Portrait of Ron MeleWe are sorry to inform those who did not already know that Ron Melé, 45, passed away Sunday, Jan. 16, 2011.

He was the co-founder of The Art Department, winner of numerous awards from notables such as Print Magazine, the Society of Publication Designers, and the ADDY awards, including a Judges award last year for his work on a brochure for the Office of the State Superintendent of Education.

Ron’s contribution to the local advertising community has spanned many years and he has donated his time and energy to the club. In 2005 he designed the materials for Another Side and he also served on the public service committee. He has been a reviewer for many years for the Portfolio Boot Camp and most recently he designed the ADDY Collateral for the 2009 ADDY Awards in which he received a Silver ADDY Award.

Ron was married to Heidi Melé for 19 years and is survived by two sons, Nathan,16, and Jack,13.

He will be greatly missed in our community.Ron was married to Heidi Melé for 19 years and is survived by two sons, Nathan,16, and Jack,13. He will be greatly missed in our community. We will miss his laugh and his sense of humor. His clients will miss his talent and attention to detail.

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