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Chamber Expo Registration

The Chamber ExpoThe 16th annual Frederick Chamber Expo has registration occurring now. The Expo will be on September 27th from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm at the old Skate Haven at 194 Thomas Johnson Drive. The Chamber Expo is Frederick’s premier B to B show. Last year, The Chamber Expo sold out of space, hosting 83 exhibitors and nearly 1000 attendees!

The Chamber Expo is a great way to establish new clients and keep in touch with existing customers in the Frederick area. In addition to the Expo itself, The Chamber also offers a Booth Camp for exhibitors, offering help in planning for the big show. To register as an exhibitor or attendee, or for more information about this event, visit the Chamber site at or call Jessica Hibbard at 301.662.0745

Why Exhibit in Tradeshows?

In the era of tough financial times and with so many advertising venues, a very reasonable question is “Why should we exhibit in trade shows?”

Trade shows offer many advantages compared to other forms of advertising.
Trade shows can be very targeted - Unlike print, TV, or radio advertising where your message is generally broadcast to the general public, a trade show allows you to exhibit in an environment geared to your ideal pros­pects. If you are a printing company, and you create a radio ad, it may reach tens of thousands of people, but maybe only 5% of those reached are print buyers. If you attend a trade show that is geared to print buyers, you may only have exposure to 1000 people, but every one of those thousand is a potential customer.

You can provide much more information to prospects and gather new leads
With a print or radio ad, you can get your name and a general overview of your services to the public, but they will not know the breadth of your services. Also, if a prospect sees your ad, but does not call, you are no better off than if you did not place the ad at all. With trade shows, your customer sees your entire product line and can get a much better understanding of your businesses capabilities. Additionally, when they enter your booth, you can obtain all of their information and use their information to cultivate them into a new account.

Cost per sale is lower than other forms of advertising
According to Trade Show Week Magazine, the average cost per sale where trade shows were not involved is about $ 1,250.00. This factors in the amount of time sales reps require to contact enough companies to produce that one new client. The cost per sale at trade shows is roughly 33% of that, making trade shows a cost effective way to generate new sales and garner new clients.

Trade shows, like any business endeavor, should have goals and a purpose. Before you exhibit in the show, out­line what you would like the return to be on that investment. The goals you set should be realistic, achievable and time sensitive (i.e. $ 10,000 in sales within 3 months from contacts made at this show). Set a plan in place on how to capitalize on the contacts made at the show to achieve your goals.

New Backlit Tower from Orbus

Orbis backlit towerBacklit tower units have been a popular request but have been cost prohibitive because of shipping requirements. Backlit towers are typically erected structures that ship assembled. Set-up is easy, but because the unit is oversized, ground shipping can cost over $ 100.00 and often there is a height limit of 72”. Our friends at Orbus have designed a two sided backlit tower that breaks down into a standard sized case. Assembly is easy and takes only a few minutes. Because it breaks down for shipping, it can be configured for custom sizes, including the standard 7’ tall which is common for pop-up displays and retractable banners.

For the 72” version of the tower including backlights and graphics, the cost is about $700.00. Pricing for custom sizes can be provided upon request. For more information on the backlit towers from Orbus, or other products, please contact Doug at 301.695.0086

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