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First Set of Videos Online. video and comparison screen shot

Thanks to our friends at Digital Bard, the first installment of our product videos is online on our Website and on YouTube! These videos are designed to show clients the differences between products within a specific category. This first installment of videos shows demos on the three most popular models of banner stands. Each video provides a demonstration of the product, focusing on the features and benefits, as well as the drawbacks of each model. Next to each video on the Website is a thumbnail of a graph showing a quick overview of the model's pros and cons.

These videos are to help educate clients on which stand would be best for them without having to trek to our showroom. These videos can also be shared with colleagues to make sure everyone is confident in both the capabilities and the use of the product.

Other videos that will go live this year are videos for tabletop displays and videos for booth backwall units.

Economy Graphics for Booth Displays

Through the power of direct printing and polystyrene, there is now an acceptable solution for producing econ­omy graphics for trade show booths. Direct printing uses UV inks which are waterproof to print directly onto the polystyrene material. This provides a print that can be used with booth backwalls that is similar in weight to our premium graphics material. This solution is ideal for clients who are working on a tight budget and only exhibit in a couple of shows a year. By using the direct printed polystyrene graphics, customers can shave 30% off of the graphics printing cost.

This lower cost solution does come with some definite drawbacks. This first and biggest draw back is the print quality isn’t quite as polished looking as our premium graphics solution. From a distance, the print quality looks very comparable, but once you get within 10 feet of the display, you will notice a more grainy texture and you will notice slight banding. The colors also have less saturation than the premium solution.

Another draw back is a durability issue. These prints are not laminated. These prints are scratch resistant, but care must be taken not to scuff the front of the graphics.
The quality of graphics using this technology is improving at a very fast rate. We will write a follow-up article in 6 months letting readers know how this technology is improving. Although it is hard to imagine any direct print solution matching the quality of premium inkjet prints, I foresee the quality getting very close to all but the most discerning eyes.

We have direct printed graphics sitting side by side with the premium graphics on a display in our showroom. To see if this solution may work for you, please contact us or stop by to see the difference yourself.

What is a Standard Booth Backwall?

It used to be that whenever someone asked for a booth backwall, all options were similar. The only difference between one model and the next was the price and quality.
In response to customers’ desire for unique looks, the manufacturers now offer more backwall solutions than ever before. Below are three case studies of different client’s needs and the solution used to meet their needs.

HR Retailer

booth backwall customer solutionsCustomer Needs - Looking for a 10’ backwall to go in a 20’ x 10’ booth. The customer did not want a con­ventional concave curved booth. They only wanted a 10’ backwall to allow them to show their products in the space as well as have a display.

Solution - They decided to go with an Orbus 10’ economy serpentine backwall. This flowed better with their space than a conventional concave backwall, and yet still showed more depth than a conventional straight back­wall. They used the premium graphics with the serpentine frame.

The frame style was an Orbus Coyote and the cost was about $ 3,000.00 including graphics, lights and case.

Production time was 3 days.

Job Status - Complete

U of MD

Customer Needs - The client needs a new backwall to replace their existing backwall. Their existing backwall was (2) 8.5’ straight backwall displays used in tandem to create a single 17.5’ backwall. Their problem was that the existing display showed seams where the graphics were due to new lighting. Additionally, these displays were put on tables to stand taller. Since three tables were required to make a platform large enough for the backwall, installation was difficult, and none of the tables were the same height, so leveling was a huge issue.

Solution - We came up with a stretch fabric solution that would best meet their needs. The Stretch fabric solution would be the same size as their existing solution. Since the Stretch fabric is a single graphic, the seam issue would no longer be a problem. The stretch solution would also be on a single frame as opposed to two frames. This eliminated the leveling issue that came from having two displays on an uneven surface. Because the leveling issue was resolved, and since the display weighs only 70 lbs. as opposed to more than 200 lbs., installation time and expense was greatly reduced. A blockout liner was also added to the fabric to keep light sources from the back from bleeding light through the front of the graphics.

The manufacturer of the frame for this solution was Testrite and the total cost was about
$ 6,000.00

Production time was two weeks.

Job Status - Pending

MHR Technologies

booth backwall customer solutionsCustomer Needs - They were looking for an inexpensive 10’ backwall but still wanted to have a professional look. The customer wanted to use the best graphics available but was not concerned with the durability or ease of set-up since they only do one or two shows a year.

Solution - More Expo 10’ Curved Backwall with lights and podium case. This solution shaved about $ 1,300,00 off the price of going with a premium backwall frame. They still decided to go with the premium graphics which made the inexpensive frame kit look as good as a premium frame kit.

The frame style was a MarkBric More Expo and the cost was about $ 3,000.00 including graphics, lights and case.

Production time was 5 days.

Job Status - Complete

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