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Adding Power to Your Retractable Banner

Retractable banners are probably the single most popular display device on the market. Their versatility, their ease of use and their relatively low price tag has made them the Swiss army knife of the display world.

As versatile as the retractable banner stands are, there are several items on the market that you can add to your banner stand to provide additional functionality or better appeal.


Banner AccessoriesOne simple thing to add to draw more attention to your graphics and that is often overlooked is a light. Most banner stands have an optional spotlight. For banner stands without a light option, there are several universal banner stand lights from a variety of manufacturers that will work with your banner stand. Lights typically run from $ 50.00 to $125.00 depending on the model of the stand and the model of the light.

Brochure Holder

With booth space always a premium, there is a brochure holder option for banner stands. The Expand banner brochure holder will allow your banner stand to also hold letter and legal sized brochures and flyers. If people are interested in the product showcased on the banner, they can easily get more information from brochures on the banner. The brochure holder is held to the banner by magnets. Simply erect the banner, place the brochure holder on the front and place the magnets on the back of the graphics to hold the brochure holder in place. Magnetic brochure holders cost under $ 70.00 ea.

Add Video

One product that has been available for a while is video badges. Video badges are small LCD screens that are almost 3” diagonal. They can be used to show slide shows or to show looped video showing a product. They were originally designed to be worn on shirts, hence the name video badges. They affixed to shirts through the use of magnets. Those same magnets will allow the video badge to be used on a banner stand as well. If you have a banner stand promoting a water filtration system, you can load a commercial or a demo video on the video badge to give prospects much more information than the banner itself. The video badge costs about $ 300.00 each.

For additional information on these or other products, please contact Doug at 301.695.0086.

Modular Systems Soar to New Heights!

Modular Systems BoothSTULZ-ATS was looking for a modern trade show display that would provide a stronger presence for the shows in which they exhibit. Previously STULZ-ATS had created and shipped a vast quantity of their product line to various shows. The shipping costs alone for every show was around $ 12,000.00. While they were able to show their actual product, they wanted to save money on shipping & material handling costs, while updating their booth with a more modern and sophisticated display. Additionally, they attend different shows with different sized booths. For smaller shows, it was not practical to have a lot of their product tying up valuable floor space, so their current method of displaying was not very efficient.

Imagination Center worked with STULZ-ATS to come up with a system that would meet their desire of reduc­ing shipping costs, create a powerful exhibit presence, and allow them to show their product in an effective way. The solution we came up with was a Delta Matrix modular system for a 20’ x 20’ island space. The display would incorporate 5 support columns, each focused on a certain portion of their product line. We would incor­porate the ability to place up to two monitors (one facing into the exhibit, and one facing out to the show floor) into each column to allow for product videos and 3-D demos to be shown for each product segment.

The display would stand over 16’ tall, and have a circular header showcasing STULZ-ATS branding in all direc­tions. The bottom 7’ of each column would use direct printed graphics and incorporate the monitors. The 7’ above the bottom section would incorporate backlit graphics both facing into the booth display and out to the show floor. The top circular section would be highlighted with halogen lights and would incorporate the branding both facing in and out.

Modular Systems BoothBecause the solution is modular, the graphics panels can be reconfigured to create unlimited other exhibit lay­outs. For smaller shows, several of the Matrix panels can be shipped to create a 10’ x 10’ or 10’ x 20’ back wall. Since showcasing the actual product was not very practical at the smaller sizes, the video would be an excellent way of effectively showing and demonstrating the products.

For more information on the STULZ-ATS solution or for coming up with a custom solution to meet your needs, call Doug Angell at 301.695.0086.

Chamber Boot Camp

Frederick CHamber of Commerce Expo 2011Many local companies are gearing up for the Chamber’s Expo on September 27th. The Chamber will provide a “Booth Camp” training session, exclusively for Expo exhibitors, on August 24th. Chamber staff will present es­sential exhibitor tips such as basic event details and guidelines, marketing ideas, best practices for following up with prospects, and how to make a great first impression. Imagination Center looks forward to hosting this educational event at our showroom, where exhibitors will be able to see sample graphics and exhibit designs. Exhibitors who wish to register for Booth Camp should contact the Chamber at 301.662.4164.

If you are unable to make the Booth Camp but would like great ideas on various displays or trade show market­ing tips, please feel free to call the Imagination Center at 301.695.0086. We would be happy to work with you to make your exhibit a success!

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