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QR Codes - Converting Banners and Displays to Web Traffic

For those unfamiliar with QR codes, QR codes are a two dimensional bar code consisting of a series of blocks arranged in a square pattern. QR codes were originally designed for conventional bar code purposes of tracking inventory. This technology has taken a drastic turn in recent years. A new application of QR codes is to direct people to Websites from outdoor banners or trade show displays.

Someone passing by a display or signage may want more information about the product or event being advertised. Through the use of an application on their smartphone, they can snap a picture of the QR code. The code is read by the smart phone app, which will take them directly to the Website or Web page for that event or product. The advertiser may then be able to track how many hits the site or page is achieving as a result of that banner or display.

There is a great article in Big Picture Magazine about how QR codes can be used to direct prospects to your site. CLICK HERE to access this article about printing and marketing applications of QR codes.

Make your Exhibit Stand Out and Shine!

Give your trade show display extra punch and pizzazz so it stands out among the surrounding exhibits. An easy way to accomplish this is by making it shine using backlight options and bubble panels! Most pop-up style displays have a very similar look and feel. They are typically curved back walls with two lights illuminating the front. Backlight panels are available to make your existing back wall backlit. Whether you want one panel backlit or the entire back wall backlit, the image of your product will illuminate your booth and capture the attention of sought after prospects. Add additional depth and impact to your display by making one of the panels a convex bubble panel. The panel will bubble out from the display, making the content on that one panel stand out from the other content. This will attract the prospects eye to the component you think will have the greatest appeal to them.

Retrofitting existing pop-up displays to have backlights and bubble panels is easy and
affordable. Rololight Backlights can be added to existing displays for under $400.00 per
panel. Bubble panels or backlit graphics can be added for as little as $350.00 per panel.

For more information on adding backlit graphics to your displays or booth, contact Doug at 301.695.0086

New Resources at

We have streamlined our site to make pricing information easier to find. In addition to better pricing navigation, we have also added additional resources to the site. Designers can now find templates for the most common displays we carry under the templates section our left navigation bar. Additionally, under file submission, there is an order entry area for ordering
hardware with graphics such as retractable banner stands, back walls, and tabletop displays. This will make it easier than ever to get the resources needed to design specific displays as well as submit the order for the display.

Go through our site to see the easier navigation and the new features.

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