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Add More Punch to Your Booth or POS?

Elliptical Light-up Display Imagination Center has recently added a line of backlight displays that not only offer the brilliance of backlight, but also offer motion! Grab the attention of prospects and display more content by incorporating the Revolution and Elliptical Light-up Displays!

Revolution and Elliptical Displays offer double-sided rotating backlit displays up to 62” tall and three sided rotating displays up to 39.5” tall. These models can be floor standing for trade show displays, can be placed on tables or elevated, or can be mounted to walls and ceilings for POS applications. The 60” Elliptical Rotating floor display retails for a low $ 444.00 not including graphics.

Orbit Light-up DisplayIn addition to the Revolution and Elliptical Displays, the Orbit Light-Up offers a unique old fashioned look with new fangled motion. The Orbit display offers both indoor and outdoor models allowing you to showcase this new look wherever you want. The circular 24” wall mounted display is sure to catch your customer’s attention to show case your logo or promotion! The Orbit retails for $ 244.00 not including graphics.

Bechtel’s Tabletop Display with Impact!

Collage Display created for BechtelThere are dozens of different popular tabletop display models available, from tri and quad fold, to pop-up, to retractable banners. Recently John Connors, a graphic designer for Bechtel, approached us for a tabletop display solution. John was looking for something unique to draw attention to their message. The solution....The Collage!

We participate in many conferences and expos throughout the year and we needed something versatile that can be easily reconfigured to focus on the different audiences we’re trying to reach. This was the perfect solution for us.
~John Connors, Graphic Designer, Bechtel.

The Collage offers the ease of set-up of a Pop-up but offers more versatility in the way the graphics can be displayed and changed. In addition, the Collage offers a sense of dimension that is impossible to achieve with a conventional Pop-up. Attached to the frame are a series of stretch fabric panels. Some panels go from the back of the frame to the front to offer depth to your message, while the main subject is stretched in the foreground to be the center of attention!

Collage displays come in a myriad of sizes ranging from tabletop sizes to full floor back walls. They set-up in minutes with the slightest if effort. Units like the one Bechtel used cost under $ 1,400.00 and includes the frame and graphics.

For information on the Collage line of displays, contact us, and we will be happy to help.

It’s All Because of You! THANKS!

Imagination Center New Building

As most of you are aware, we have had a contract on the old Frederick Paint Building since last July. After all of the steps required to settle on this particular property, we have finally gone to settlement and have the keys! We are currently having renovations done to the showroom and production area and should be moving all operations to this facility in mid July. We will notify you when the move date is settled.

We are very excited about the move and all the that this new facility will allow us to accomplish. It has been a long road and we would like to publicly thank everyone who helped us complete this goal.

First and Foremost, we would like to thank you, our customers and friends. Your trust in us for producing your graphics, your support and encouragement, and your patience in navigating through our current cluttered showroom mean more to us than you can ever realize. Mark and I offer our sincerest thanks and  will do all we can to be a valuable resource to help with your success as you have helped with ours.

Our customers afforded us the success and encouragement to make this move, but there are several individuals whose help was also crucial in completing this. We would like to thank the following:

Jonathan Warner at Warner Commercial for helping us find this property, negotiating the price, putting us in touch with the resources required to resolve the issues with the property. Our getting this property is a direct result of his tireless effort.

Ira and Dave and Specialized Engineering for the environmental work and for their continued help in dealing with the MDE for the VCP program.

Debbie Zients and our Tab board for all of their valuable input and guidance in this process.

Randy Gray and the Office of Economic Development for their guidance and for all the help they give to the small business environment.

Clay Martz of Martz and Fisher for being in our corner and helping us jump all of the hurdles to get this property doing the title work, getting the contracts squared away, setting up our holding company, and much, much more.

George Fish and Cornerstone Quality Builders for working with us on the build out plans and for all of their hard work.

Jeff Fraley at M & T for helping us overcome obstacles relating to environmental and SBA, and for having faith in us and loaning us the capital required for this venture.

Although we did not use Harvest Bank for the loan, we would like to thank Clark Briggs and Harvest for helping us in the early stages of this endeavor and giving us guidance and wisdom in navigating through this venture.

We can not thank you all, clients, friends, and associates alike enough. When George Fish finishes the build out, we will invite each of you for one grand party in appreciation. We will let you know when that date gets closer and will hope to see you all there.

With Deepest Gratitude~
Doug Angell, Mark Twentey and the Imagination Center.


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