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Your Customers Are Outside, Bring Your Message to Them!

Outdoor flag bannerWith summer comes vacations, outdoor activities, and open-air events. Since your customers are outside, shouldn’t your message be as well? There are many ways to reach your prospective clients while they are enjoying the fresh air. One very common and effective way of keeping your name in front of clients is by utilizing feather, or teardrop tension fabric displays. These displays range from 8’ to almost 20’ high! They are designed to bend and spin in the wind providing motion to attract attention to your message. A similar but more distinctive solution is a device called the Blast. This device uses several graphic flags in tandem to draw attention and create an immense impact on viewers.

There are many other ways to bring your message outdoors. For more organized and formal events, there are retractable banners designed specifically for outdoor use. There are other flag solutions available such as, portable billboards, A frames, and many others. In addition to displays, some solutions include conventional outdoor banners, mesh material for adorning fences, and perforated window cling that transforms your windows into billboards while still allowing you to see outside while making your message clearly viewable to your customers.

Turn Your Canopy into a Billboard

custom billboard canopyAdd branding to your outdoor event by printing graphics onto your canopy! By customizing your canopy, you can display a marketing message as well as increase visability to your display or station. We offer a variety of canopy and tent options such as standard canopies, canopies with sides, or dome tents. Feather and tear drop flags will add additional punch to your outdoor exhibit!

Call Mark for more information on Canopy and outdoor exhibit options at 301.695.0086

Won’t You Be Our Neighbor?

Imagination Center has settled on it’s new facility at 565 East Church Street, about 3 blocks east of East Street and Eveready Square. In addition to the 5,000 sq feet that Imagination Center will be occupying, there is about 1,500 square feet of office space that we will be renting out. It has a private parking lot with ample space of customers and tenants.

new Imagination Center buildingClick on the image to view or download a PDF of the plans.

The 1500 square feet is separated into two units, each with their own outside entrance. Suite A is $ 1,000 per month and suite B is $ 500 per month. The monthly rent includes electric, water, trash, internet, and CAM fees.

If you have an interest or know of anyone who may be interested in this space, please contact Jonathan Warner at 301.663.0202.

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