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Modular Display Demo at Imagination Center!

Marc Bric Modular DisplaysOn Tuesday, August 10th, Mark Bric will be coming to Imagination Center to demonstrate the EGO modular display systems.

Modular and custom displays are the exhibits of choice for larger venues for 10’ x 20’ booths and larger.  Unlike conventional pop-up displays, modular displays provide for a wider array of effects.  Modular displays can be multiple stories tall, have room built in to the display, and provide a depth to the exhibit unattainable with conventional displays like pop-ups and retractables.

Modular displays cost about the same as most custom built displays but has many benefits.  Modular displays are more versatile than custom exhibits.  Using the same components, the design can be altered to create a different look and feel.  The ability to use the components in different ways will allow your exhibit to morph into a fresh new look without the need to purchase a new custom display.  Additionally, modular displays are lighter weight and easier to set-up than conventional custom displays.  This benefit makes it much more cost effective for shipping, drayage, and for set-up.  The cost savings in these areas will save your company tens of thousands of dollars every year compared to custom displays.

If you are considering a new custom display, are looking for a good modular solution, or are just interested in finding out more about modular displays, call Imagination Center to register for the modular demo.

Digital Video Badge

Digital Video BadgeThe digital video badge is a wearable OLED screen that plays high resolution images  and video twice as brilliant as a conventional LED screen.  Video Badges will capture the attention of your prospects and draw them into your booth or exhibit.  The Video Badge normally sells for $325.00, but we will be offering the Video Badge for $299.00 (plus shipping) through August 31st.

JULY SPECIAL! - The Fall Tradeshow season is just around the corner. Receive a FREE DVB with any order over $5000. Contact Doug or Mark for more details.  

To see a demonstration of the Digital Video Badge or to place an order, call Imagination Center and we will be happy to help!

Won’t You Be Our Neighbor?

Imagination Center has settled on it’s new facility at 565 East Church Street, about 3 blocks east of East Street and Eveready Square. In addition to the 5,000 sq feet that Imagination Center will be occupying, there is about 1,500 square feet of office space that we will be renting out. It has a private parking lot with ample space of customers and tenants.

new Imagination Center buildingClick on the image to view or download a PDF of the plans.

The 1500 square feet is separated into two units, each with their own outside entrance. Suite A is $ 1,000 per month and suite B is $ 500 per month. The monthly rent includes electric, water, trash, internet, and CAM fees.

If you have an interest or know of anyone who may be interested in this space, please contact Jonathan Warner at 301.663.0202.

If you have information that others may find useful, whether it be information on a new design program, current underutilized tools, or marketing advice, please feel free to write an article and submit it to the Imagination Center Newsletter.

You may submit any articles to