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Get into a Convertible!

BannerUp Cabrio Retractable Display StandCompletely customize your next banner display with BannerUp Cabrio, a unique new invention from Mark Bric Displays. Cabrio is the first retractable banner stand with interchangeable logo plates. Quickly and easily change the style and color of your cassette to exactly match your banner graphic and enhance your brand identity with custom-printed plates. You can also leave the faceplates off to have a banner stand that compliments modular booth displays or use the red grill plate to give your display a sporty look!

The Cabrio comes in a 36” width and supports 34.5” x 83” graphics. The Cabrio costs $ 315.00 with out faceplates and the faceplates cost range from $ 20.00 for an Anodized faceplate to $ 40.00 for the perforated red faceplate. Graphics cost range from $ 189.00 for the blockout vinyl to $ 350.00 for the premium graphics.
Cabrio faceplate

To get more information about how a convertible can attract more attention to your booth, contact us. We are always happy to help!

Introducing Modular Displays!

Imagination Center is proud to introduce the Delta Matrix system from Laarhoven. This solution is for clients who are interested in offering large custom presentations in trade show environments. Modular displays are typically used for larger trade show booths (usually 10’ x 20’ or larger). Since many of our customers may not be familiar with modular or custom displays, this article will be the first part in a 3 part series explaining the use and benefits of modular displays.

Delta Matrix Modular Display LaarhovenModular displays are similar to custom displays in so far as they can be configured to create virtually any design or create any affect the presenter wants to project. The benefit that separates modular solutions from custom solutions is that the modular displays can transform to create new designs using the existing components. Think of these displays as beefed up and visually pleasing erector sets. Using the same components that created the customized 20’ x 30’ display for one show, you can create smaller displays for your 10’ x 20’ booth at a different show. Additionally, at any time, the components for your modular display can be erected differently, allowing you to create a new look with your existing components.

To see real world applications and case studies on modular displays CLICK HERE

Can't wait until the next issue for more information? Call us at 301.695.0086 x3 and we can help explain how a modular displays will make you stand out!

Save Your Feet While
Increasing Your Branding

Interlocking Padded FlooringYou have your back wall, retractable banners, table throws, and all the other accessories to help project your image. There is another way to increase your branding that will also make your trade show experience more comfortable. Interlocking padded flooring provides exceptional comfort for show exhibitors while also enhancing and providing additional branding to the exhibit booth.

This flooring can take on a variety of looks including carpet, rubber, a wood look, or have your logo or message printed directly on the flooring. In addition to adding impact to your booth, it also is cost effective. In scenarios where you exhibit in many shows, the interlocking flooring saves you from renting carpet from the exhibit hall. Since the floor is comprised of several 2’ x 2’ interlocking pieces, if a portion of the floor becomes damaged or worn, you can replace just that one section without having to replace the entire floor.

There are many options and features for the various padded flooring options. For pricing and information on how padded flooring will add more punch to your booth, please call us at 301.695.0086 x3. We will be happy to help.

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