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Take Your Lobby Graphics to the Next Level

Your lobby creates the all-important first impression for your customers. Inexpensive frames and acrylic sleeves are very popular ways to display lobby signage, and while these solutions look professional enough, they do not make a lasting impression on visitors. There are countless lobby graphics solutions available ranging from retractable banners to reverse printing on clear acrylic with stand-offs to give the graphics additional depth. When thinking about lobby graphics it is important to first ask yourself what image you are trying to convey. Once you have answered that question, you can look for a new or unique way to convey that message.

Stand Off Display One solution that adds a classy, contemporary look is printing on Plexiglass and mounting to the wall with stand-offs. Stand-off solutions come in a variety of styles and finishes, and can accommodate almost any size graphic. Stand-off graphics are easy to install and can help provide a unique look to your corporate lobby or display area.

Other solutions that provide a more polished look is printing on canvas and hanging it from the wall. This solution provides a unique texture to the image and is great for graphics with photographic or artistic content. These graphics may be gallery wrapped to help keep the cost down, or may be adorned with a wooden box frame to make an incredible impact. This solution has been popular with organizations such as Tandberg and Hood College. A variation of this solution is having graphics printed on a photographic quality paper, laminated with a textured laminate, and mounted onto a box frame. An example of this solution may be seen in the lobby of Blue Ridge Bank & Kline, Scott, Visco Commercial.

Like with all graphics, it all begins with a good message and a great design. The first step is proper investment in the design. There is a lot of exceptional design talent in the Frederick, Maryland area. If you are looking for a designer in this area, give us a call and we would be happy to provide more information on this topic and direct you to the local organization that can help you. Or, for a list of designers go to

Getting By with a Little Help From Your
Friends... and Skype!

Skype us for helpAs most people have realized by now, trying to explain visual items like graphics and displays is very difficult over the phone. To see how something actually looks or operates is much easier in a face-to-face environment where you cannot only see the product, but the motion required to operate a product. As an additional service to our customers, we provide a Skype portal where customers can connect to us via the web and see in real time a demonstration or an instruction on a particular product.

For those not familiar with Skype, Skype is a freeware software application that runs on both Mac and PCs. It allows clients to communicate via text, audio, and video with each other. We have digital video cameras built-in to our computers, allowing clients to see whatever we focus the camera on. As long as our client has access to high speed internet, they can connect to us and allow for real time, individualized support. For clients having trouble with their displays, they can log-in to us via Skype and we can show them how to set-up many of the products we carry. For clients who also have video cameras attached to their computer, they can show us any issues or problems they are having and we can help troubleshoot these issues in a very timely manner.

Whether you are looking for an on-line demo or support of products purchased through Imagination Center, this free service will help you get information you need.  Imagination Center has 3 Skype accounts on various computers.  Please call prior to Skyping in so we can give you the address for the appropriate computer.  If you do not have Skype, you can download a copy or find additional information at  For more information on how to utilize this service, please contact either Doug or Mark, and we will be happy to help!

Find Your Next Show at

Tradeshow Calendar www.tradeshowcalendar.comImagination Center set a goal to exhibit in 4 shows this year. We have the displays! We have the design! We have the materials! We are only missing one thing, the shows themselves! We have found it very difficult to find what shows are available to exhibit in, or even attend. If you have had similar issues, we found a site that may be helpful,

The Trade Show Calendar allows users to quickly search for trade shows by location, dates, industries, size, and many other criteria. The information on the shows include number of attendees, exhibitors, and amount of floor space. If there is a show you want more information on, with a click of the mouse, the site will take you to the shows web site to get additional information.

While this site is great for getting information about the larger shows, it is not effective for finding smaller shows. We are currently working with Tobin Lehman to develop a calendar that incorporates the information from the site, but then also adding information about smaller shows in Maryland. We have contacted the Chamber of Commerce and the Office of Economic Development from various counties to try to find resources for information about these smaller shows. We will notify clients of our newsletter when and if we are able to put together a more comprehensive calendar. Until then, we have found the best resource for this information.

If you have information that others may find useful, whether it be information on a new design program, current underutilized tools, or marketing advice, please feel free to write an article and submit it to the Imagination Center Newsletter. You may submit any articles to