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Add Punch to Your Booth Display or Tower with Backlighting!

Rololight BacklightThe Rololight Booth Integration™ is a trade show industry first and helps turn a regular booth into an attractive and unique eye catching display. Rololight Booth Integration™ is a universal lighting mechanism made to fit most pop-up, modular and custom trade show booths. This patented new lighting system allows a booth to be lit-up from the inside out so graphics on the front of the booth can be backlit. Light it up and get ready to be seen!

The Rololight Booth Integration™ installs in minutes, disassembles in seconds and is a perfect way to modernize an old pop-up booth with a new fresh look.

Rololight Backlight DisplayThis lighting system is lightweight and can be rolled-up for ease of transport and storage. Lights have a hard protective sleeve and a life of up to 10,000 hours. Lighting up the whole booth only requires one electrical outlet!

The cost per lighted panel (as shown on right)
is $ 385.90 each.

Finally! Add Dynamic Content and Motion to your Booth Wall!

Expand Monitor Stand Expand 2000LCD screens are a whole new type of media within portable displays, and with Expand Monitor Stand you can follow this development. Combining printed and moving images allows you to bring out more impressions and a stronger message, which will strengthen your image and profile.

Through the use of LCD displays in your exhibit, you can do real time demos, have picture galleries showing unlimited examples of the work you perform, set-up an interactive kiosk, or have commercials and videos produced to be looped and show continuously at your next show.

Expand Monitor StandThe Expand Monitor Stand allows you to use 32” LCD monitors or smaller to be shown either free standing or integrated into a back wall display.

Monitor Stands come in 48”, 68 7/8”, and 76 3/4” heights and range in price from $ 850.00 - $ 935.00

Expand Display Tunnel for Indoors or Outdoors!

Expand Tunnel DisplayWith Expand Display Tunnel, you get a three-dimensional shape with higher “visual impact” than the traditional flat sign systems. The shape makes it effective both as a media and as a border/signpost. This solution would be great at sporting events to be used promoting a team or identifying sponsors. It would also have some good applications for being used to promote events on tarmacs, shopping store parking lots and many other venues.

Anyone can use Expand DisplayTunnel! All you need to do is open the bag and the Expand Display Tunnel does the rest by itself! It is lightweight and stores in a flat, compact bag.

Expand Tunnel DisplayThe Expand Tunnel has dimensions of w24 7/16” x h22 13/16” x d78 3/4”

The Expand Tunnels cost $ 768.00 each including the printed fabric graphics.

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