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New Services for 2010

Imagination Center is constantly evaluating how to service our customers in new and better ways. To this end, we are offering some new services to help clients with their trade show and presentation endeavors. Some of the new offerings for 2010 are as follows:

Auto Job Notifcation -
We are working with Tobin Lehman to develop an on-line database of active jobs. When jobs are received, an e-mail is sent automatically to our clients notifying them the job has been received and will have a job description outlining what work is to be done as well as the due date. When the job is complete, another e-mail will be automatically generated notifying the client the job is complete. Customers can also log in to see the exact status of their work (i.e., if it is printed, laminated, mounted, etc.). The Auto Job Notification should be on-line by 2nd quarter 2010.

Set-Up and Breakdown Services -
Imagination Center would like to ease the pain and anxiety of trade show set-up and breakdown. We would be happy to bring the displays to the show for you, set it up, and when all is done, we can break it down and bring it back to either your place or ours for storage. Cost is based on a per-hour charge plus travel if required.

Exhibit Storage -
Many clients do not have the space to store their exhibits. Likewise, many do not have the time to make sure it is packed away correctly or have the time to take it out prior to next show to make sure all the components are there and make sure the exhibit is not damaged. Imagination Center will offer storage when the unit comes back from a show and we will make sure that it is packed appropriately. We would ask for a notification whenever you schedule an event for the exhibit. Two weeks prior to the event, we will unpack the unit, assemble it to make sure that there are no missing pieces or damaged graphics, etc. After the inspection, we will pack the unit up and either ship it to your event or have it ready for pick-up. We are still working on pricing for this service. Pricing will depend largely on the size and weight of the exhibit. This service should be available starting Winter or Spring of 2010.

We are always looking for new ways to help the design and presentation community. If there are services you would find helpful, please email

Unique Look with Testrite Visual

Imagination Center has partnered with a new vendor to even offer more creative trade show solutions. In addition to a distinct look, Testrite manufacturers their products here in the USA! Over the next several newsletters, we will showcase some of their products and let your mind run with possibilities.

Creo - The Podium Display with Punch! -
Creo StandThe Creo Podium Display offer allows you to create a professional looking display to greet prospects and discuss projects in your trade show booth. The unit is sturdy enough to support a 19” LCD display in addition to the header and body graphics. The Creo podium as shown here costs $ 1,468.00 including graphics. This is a modular solution so a design can be modified to meet your specific needs.

Cobra StandThe Cobra Stand -
Unlike any other graphic stand out there, the Cobra adds a new dimension to your graphics with its sleek, stylish curves and contour. The graphics are printed via dye-sublimation on to fabric. The graphics are attached via a pillow case design. Simply slide the graphics over the top of the display and fasten at the bottom. The Cobra stands 7’ tall and comes in widths ranging from 2’ to 4’. The Cobra 3’ costs $ 1,171.00 including graphics.

Eclipse Tabletop Sign Holder -Eclipse Stand
The curved, sleek design adds a touch of class and pizzazz to your tabletop sign. Graphics simply slide behind the Matte protective lens, and graphics may be swapped out as often as you like. An 8.5” x 11” Eclipse Table top sign costs $ 149.00, including graphics. Looking to show larger signs? The Eclipse can be custom built to accommodate almost any size print, up to 10 feet wide!


Formulate Large Hanging Displays

Looking for that extra little attention getter for your trade show booth or large common area? Consider the quick locking Formulate hanging displays. These structures can be created for virtually any size to compliment or complete your modular trade show display or can be used in large common areas to draw attention or convey a message. Formulate DisplayWith 6 shapes to chose from and infinite design possibilities, hanging structures are the quickest, easiest, and best looking way to set yourself apart. These displays use dye-sublimation graphics and slide over the frame like a pillow case. Nine foot triangular, shield shaped, or square hanging display costs from $ 3,000 - $ 4,000 including dye-sublimation graphics.

If you have information that others may find useful, whether it be information on a new design program, current underutilized tools, or marketing advice, please feel free to write an article and submit it to the Imagination Center Newsletter. You may submit any articles to