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Campaign Extra Banner for Trade ShowsMark Bric company unveals new products

Mark Bric, the leader in high quality trade show displays and accessories, has released several new products to their line. These products offer everything from affordability to unique display concepts. Some of the more notable items include an affordable yet durable retractable banner display, a very affordable back wall, an envi­ronmentally green bamboo retractable banner display, and a stretched fabric counter unit.

Campaign Extra Banner Stand - This new banner stand offers superior durability for the same price as other stands. The unit retails for $99 ($ 282 including graphics printed on smooth block-out vinyl).  With discounts for orders of 6 or more, this unit is ideal for promotions and events where you need a large number of stands for a limited time.

More Eco Bamboo Roll-up Stand - Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth and one of the most renewable and sustainable natural resources. Bamboo is actually a grass, not a tree. Bamboo Roll-up Stand for Trade ShowsNo forests are destroyed to produce bamboo products. The material gives a very elegant impression and is extremely durable - comparable to hard­wood. Choose bamboo for your next presentation and signal your commitment to the environment. Comes in an eco cotton bag and retails for $229.50 plus graphics. (Hint, you can use biodegradable banners to make your display as green as green gets!)

More Expo Back wall - The More Expo back wall is an extremely cost effective and reliable pop-up display. Built along classic lines, with generous use of magnets for ease of set-up, these pop-up back walls deliver all of the important features for those on a tight budget. The unit includes lights, shipping case, and fabric panels for under $1200.  Full mural premium graphics are an additional $1,287.50 making the total cost for a professional booth back wall under $2,500!

Stretch Fabric Reception Counter for Trade ShowsStretch Reception Counter - The solution brings the ease of stretch fabric back walls to reception counters. Graphics are printed via dye-sublimation onto a stretch fabric. The stretch fabric is wrapped around a collaps­ible frame, making set-up a snap. Simply expand the frame, insert the shelves and the top, and you are ready to go. The counter stands 40” tall, 41” wide, and 15.5” deep. The cost for the counter - including graphics - is under $500!

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The Trade Show Plan-o-gram

Want to see how your trade show display stacks up against the competition? Use a plan-o-gram! The main goal for any trade show exhibit is to stand out in a professional way to attract the right prospects to your booth. Once in the booth, your sales and marketing staff do their magic to turn a prospect into a customer.

During the hustle and the bustle of the trade show, it is all too often that you don’t take the time to evaluate how your trade show display and presentation stack up with competitors. At the next show, take some time to snap some photos of your booth as well as other booths in the show. Put the pictures of your booth and other booths in a row. Which booths and designs draw your attention? What is it that draws your attention? What changes can you make to your booth or your design that will help you ensure that your booth or display stand out against your competitors?Planograms for Trade Shows

When proper planning design and execution come together, your trade show experience will be a great sales investment, not an expense. Be vigilant to make sure your booth and investment are performing.

Why Do Trade Shows?

If you or some of your customers are entertaining the notion of exhibiting in trade shows, or if you exhibit in shows but are curious if you are doing everything you can to attract new business, this article from the “How Stuff Works” site is definitely worth reading.

“Exhibiting at a trade show offers you one of the best ways to get in front of a lot of customers and prospects in a relatively short amount of time. Trade shows give you the opportunity to not only show your product or describe your service, but also create that all important first impression. According to a Simmons Market Research Bureau study, 91% of respondents ranked trade shows as “extremely useful” as a source for product purchasing information. This was higher than any other source, including on-site visits from reps. Also, nearly half of the respondents had purchased products or services at the trade show.

At a typical national trade show, with 10,000 attendees and 1,000 exhibitors, you can realistically have 200 visitors per day. If you were making sales calls, you could not even approach that number. Granted, you don’t always have the opportunity to go into as much detail in your presentation as you would like, but it opens the door for future communications -- a door that sometimes is very difficult to get your foot into.

So for most companies, trade shows are worth the effort. In fact, before you decide to nix a show your company has attended for years, think about what that might say to your current customers who expect to see you there. This is especially damaging if your company has been through recent staffing/management changes, mergers, acquisitions, or other changes your clients may have caught wind of. Your competition will use your absence to their advantage. This doesn’t mean you can’t ever stop attending a show, but just be sure you think about whom you see there and what your company’s absence may lead them to believe. If necessary, send a post card to your primary clients that you know attend that particular show, and explain your decision to attend show B rather than show A.

Before you even start looking for shows, you need to set your goals. To help you do this, there are four questions you need to ask yourself:
1. Why are you exhibiting?
Are you trying to extend your relationship with existing customers? Introducing a new product? Positioning your company within the market? Generating qualified leads for new sales? Countering a competitor’s claim?
2. Who is your target audience?
3. What is the message you want to convey?
4. What do you want to get out of the show?
Do you want to bring home leads, sell your product/service, or create/improve/build upon your company image?”

The rest of this article can be found here.