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Corporate Lobby Graphics

Your lobby creates the all-important first impression for your customers.  Inexpensive frames and acrylic sleeves are very popular ways to display lobby signage, and while these solutions look professional enough, they do not make a lasting impression on visitors. There are countless lobby graphics solutions available ranging from retractable banners to reverse printing on clear acrylic with standoffs to give the graphics additional depth.  When thinking about lobby graphics it is important to first ask yourself what image you are trying to convey.  Once you have answered that question, you can look for a new or unique way to convey that message.

Hood College Lobby GraphicDepending on the budget and the image you are trying to project, there are several distinctive options ranging from basic to extravagant.  One unique, yet affordable solution is printing on a smooth blockout vinyl and suspending the image from the ceiling using banner rails.  This solution allows the message to be displayed anywhere in the lobby and conserves crucial wall space.

Another solution that provides a more polished look is printing on canvas and hang ing it from the wall.  This solution provides a unique texture to the image and is great for graphics with photographic or artistic content.  These graphics may be gallery wrapped to help keep the cost down, or may be adorned with a wood box frame to make an incredible impact.  This solution has been popular with companies such as Tandberg and Hood College (right) .  A variation of this solution is having graphics printed on a photographic quality paper, laminated with a textured laminate, and mounted onto a box frame.   An example of this solution may be seen in the lobby of Blue Ridge Bank.

Like with all graphics, it all begins with a good message and a great design.  The first step is proper investment in the design.  There is a lot of exceptional design talent in the Frederick, Maryland area.  If you are looking for a designer in this area, give us a call and we would be happy to provide more information on this topic and direct you to the local organization that can help you.  Or, for a list of designers go to

Your customers are outside, bring your message to them!

With summer comes vacations, outdoor activities, and open-air events.  Since your customers are outside, shouldn’t your message be as well?  There are many ways to reach your prospective clients while they are enjoying the fresh air.  One very common and effective way of keeping your name in front of clients is by utilizing feather, or teardrop tension fabric displays.  Outdoor GraphicsThese displays range from 8’ to almost 20’ high!  They are designed to bend and spin in the wind providing motion to attract attention to your message.  A similar but more distinctive solution is a device called the Blast.  This device uses several graphic flags in tandem to draw attention and create an immense impact on viewers.

There are many other ways to bring your message outdoors.  For more organized and formal events, there are retractable banners designed specifically for outdoor use.  There are other flag solutions available such as, portable billboards, A frames, and many other s.  In addition to displays, some solutions include conventional outdoor banners, mesh material for adorning fences, and perforated window cling that  transforms your windows into billboards while still allowing you to see outside while making your message clearly viewable to your customers.

For some more ideas you may call us or visit the outdoor display section of our web site.

We have Giclée Down to an Art.

Giclée is a method of reproducing original artwork in small to medium quantities.  This artwork is color- matched to the original and printed on acid-free paper using archival inks.  These reproductions are created for resale in art galleries or used to adorn the walls of restaurants, hotels, and other venues that require a vast amount of high quality artwork but do not desire to hang originals.

giclee printingTo create Giclée artwork, we digitize the artwork and color- match it to the original using the same material that the final output will be printed on.  The color- matching is the most critical portion of reproducing artwork.  Unlike conventional graphics output where “pleasing color” is the most common goal, Giclée reproductions must be color -matched to the point where it is hard to distinguish the original from the reproduction.  Most often, this requires printing a proof, making corrections, and then printing another proof.  It is common to go through four to eight proofs before we have a proof we feel is ready to be presented to the customer.  Once the artist approves the proof, we are ready to print on the media requested by the client.  The types of material most commonly used for the reprints are matte or satin canvas, Somerset Velvet (similar to watercolor paper), and matte paper .  

The printers used for the final output are large format inkjet printers.  Unlike the inkjet printer attached to your home computer, these printers are suited very well for fine arts reproduction.  These printers are 44 inches wide, allowing for reproduction of large originals or output larger than the original.  In addition to using archival inks, they also use more than the four to six inks most commonly found on inkjet printers.  The two printers we use have seven or more inks per printer.  This gives the printers a wider color gamut than conventional inkjet printers.  Lastly, these printers use a high end RIP (raster image processor) allowing us more color control and better color matching on supported paper than the drivers that come with inkjet printers. For more information on Giclée prints call, click or visit us today!