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Isowave Modular Display

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ISOframe Wave is the first fully flexible banner stand. To achieve this flexibility a patented Flexi-wave link connects each vertical post in the system. The Flexi-wave link is a strong aluminum structure that can flex up to 180 degrees each way in the horizontal position but offers no flex in any other direction. This means each graphic can be flexed up to 180 degrees in any direction yet the structure remains unbelievably strong and stable. Beautiful curves or perfect straight lines can be achieved with any display. Just add 31.5” extender units to the original 31.5” wide starter unit section for larger displays.


  • Modular Design allows you to create virtually any length by adding additional segments
  • Flexi-Wave system allows you to use the system as a straight back wall or create curves to allow it to conform to almost any shape.
  • You can incorporate a kiosk in the system and use LCD monitors up to 40 lbs.
  • No tools and sets up quickly and easily, reducing or eliminating I & D costs at larger shows


Pricing varies depending on size and accessories desired. Accessories include lights, kiosks or podiums, flying oval end pieces, keyboard tables. Call us to detail your needs and we will prepare a quote. For estimating purposes, you can plan for about $ 3,000 to $ 5,000 per 10’ section including graphics.