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scanning equipment

Imagination offers scanning of everything from 35mm slides to large format scanning for just about every conceivable application.

We utilize two different scanners to provide high quality digital images to our customers. The Tekgraf TDS 1130 can handle images up to 13 x 18 and can digitize both reflective and transparent media. The Context Chameleon can digitize reflective images up to 36 wide, even mounted material up to 1/2 thick.

We base pricing for scans on the output purpose as opposed to which scanner is used. For scans to be used for publications, fpo, and web, we will digitize the image, adjust the levels and save in RGB format on a CD, or e-mail the file to the customer. For Giclée fine arts customers, we digitize the file, color correct the file to get it as close as possible to the orginal, then print a proof for customer approval.