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Tabletop Displays

Tabletop Displays

Coyote tabletop displaysGreat for just about anything from the board room to the Trade Show, these displays range in size from 24" x 48" to 48" x 96" and start as low as $295.00. Many collapse down into their own carrying briefcase and all set up and break down in seconds.

Model Description Price

SnapUp MP2 Tabletop Display

SnapUp MP2 6’ Tabletop

The SnapUp Tabletop is very reliable and easy to use. Designed for the most demanding schedule, the SnapUp comes with a 10 year W arranty. It’s exceptionally strong magnets hold even the most ridgid of booth graphics material and does not weaken over time. The MP 2 comes in 70” wide models for 6’ tables and 92” wide models for 8’
$ 699.00*
Coyote Tabletop Display
Coyote 74" Tabletop
Coyote 72” curve PopUp kit. The Coyote popup display system combines strength and reliability with style and ease of use. It provides a professional looking tabletop display that stands 48” tall x 74.5” wide. Named “popup” because of its “small to large” pop-up action, this type of display system is still one of the most portable trade show and display solutions available. The Coyote
Mini Tabletop combines functionality and affordablilty.
$ 382.00*

Stretch Fabric DisplaysTension Fabric Display

Like the booth models for this style, the tension fabric display is the easiest style to set-up and break down in the industry. Using a continuous stretch fabric graphic on a pop-up style frame allows the presenter to set up their display including graphics all in one easy motion. The lightweight style of this display allows for cost effective shipping, and the ease of use gives comfort to the presenter who has enough on their minds. There are multiple sizes available. Starting at
$ 189.00
strtch flag display
Stretch Flag Display
Collage Pop-Ups are a clever spin on the taditional Pop-up using stretched fabric flags to create a unique and exciting 3-D display. Using the Collage Pop-Ups, you can create a myriad of looks and even incorporate shelves in your display. $ Call

Pillowcase Table Top DisplaysPillowcase Displays

Pillow case displays offer a professional, elegant look at an affordable price. With pillowcase displays, an aluminum tube frame is quickly and easily assembled. Once the frame is set-up, the graphics slides over the frame similar to a pillowcase. These displays come in curved or serpentine styles, and are available as floor or tabletop units. Starting at
$ 598.00

Prezenta ShowStyle Briefcase Display

The 25" x 13" x 4" briefcase folds out to form a 24" x 48", 4 panel desktop display w/ an 8" x 24" header. The unit sets up in seconds and features panels that are covered with velcro compatible fabric. It is also very durable, lightweight, easy to setup, and affordable. $ 295.00

Palladian Tabletop

The Palladian table tops come in 3 panel models that are 56” wide x 36” tall to 4 panel models that are 92” wide x 46” tall. The units set up in seconds and is covered in a velcro compatible fabric on both the front and back of the display. The front of the display uses a neutral gray for the header section, a colored border strip, and a colored body section. The display is reversible since the front and back of the unit uses different colored fabric. Pricing for Palladian models start at $ 495.00 $ 795.00*

Fold & Go

The Fold & Go is a made to order display which includes the graphics. The unit is created by mounting the graphics directly onto Coraplast (Corrugated plastic) and scoring the back of the coraplast to create the folds for 3 or 4 panel displays. The result is a lightweight table top display that cost about as much as what is normally charged for the graphics alone. $ Call

Zap 2 Display

The Zap 2 is also a build to order display. The unit is created by laminating graphics using a premium textured 10 mil laminate and mounted on to a poly backing. The left and right ends of the display curl back to perform the support columns and the center of the display is what contains your graphic content. Itís elegant concave design gives a professional polished looking display for a cost not much greater than the graphics cost. $ Call
* Pricing listed does not include pricing for graphics. For most models listed, there are other sizes available as well as configuration options. Click on the link for the model to see more info.

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