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Trade Show Displays

Display Type Description

back wall displays
Back Wall Booths

Booth backwalls are ideal for 10’ x 10’ and 20’ x 20’ booth spaces. They provide a large message with impact to draw attention to your exhibit. They come in a variety of styles from conventional PopUp to stretch fabric and collage style displays.

modular display
Modular Displays

Modular Displays are a versatile solution for larger venues like regional, national or international trade shows. They are ideal for 10’ x 20’ or larger exhibit spaces. They can be configured to create many eye catching and powerful effects, such as multiple levels or custom meeting spaces. Since they are built in a modular fashion, they can be reconfigured to create a completely different look at future trade shows without requiring much, if any, new hardware purchases.

tabletop display
Tabletop Displays

Tabletop Displays are ideal for smaller venues like job fairs and are meant as a standalone solution for exhibit spaces 10’ x 10’ or smaller. They come in a variety of styles including PopUps, stretch fabric, collage and folding displays.

banner stand
Banner Stands

Banner stands are a great universal solution for many applications. They can be used for lobby graphics, tabletop displays; they can augment your booth graphics, and can be used in many other scenarios. They come in many different styles from retractable to free standing and range greatly in width and height options.

MP2 Tower Displays

Tower Units

Tower units are ideal for everything from trade show displays to lobby and exhibit graphics. They come in many styles including funnel, square and cylinder.


There are many accessories to enhance the various display options. Accessories include table throws, show counters, back lights for displays, and much more.