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Delta Matrix Modular Display


The Delta Matrix Solution is ideal for 10’ x 20’ booths or larger. It is designed to provide maximum versatility and ease of set-up. This is ideal for clients who want to create a unique, custom look and feel.

Delta Matrix Benefits

The Delta Matrix Modular solution offers comparable capabilities and price to a custom display. The Matrix system offers some significant advantages over custom displays and stick built modular displays.

  • Significantly less Installation and Dismantling costs - Delta Matrix systems are assembled in a fraction of the time that stick built and conventional custom displays require. View the YouTube video below to see a Delta installation compared to stick built.

  • Extremely versatile. The Delta Matrix system is the king of versatility. The components can be used to create a limitless number of looks. Delta Fabric components can be incorporated to create even more appearances.
  • In addition, the components used to create one display can be easily configured to create a completely different look. For example components of this 20’ x 20’ island display can be used to create this 20’ x 10’ back wall display.

Delta Matrix Modular Displays can be reconfgured to fit the space.




  • Countless Renting Options - We have rental resources in many of the larger trade show cities such as Orlando, Tampa, New Orleans, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and many more. Save on shipping, storage, and the expense of purchasing a modular by renting as needed. Graphics can be printed and stored locally or can be stored by our client or here at Imagination Center.

More Information on Delta Matrix

Since Delta Matrix is a completely custom modular solution, pricing is not available on-line. Please call to discuss what look you are trying to create or provide a sketch of what you envision, and we will have the design CAD rendered and provide pricing. We can also help address budgetary concerns such as shipping, I & D, and drayage.